Vanity King

For over 20 years 800Telecom and it’s Vanity Department Vanity King have been connecting 1000′s of clients with easy to remember toll free numbers. We are on call 7 days a week for all of our client’s needs. We provide the same level of service to customers from a start-up business to a large corporation.

A simple call to 1-800-207-2000 starts you on your way to a same day toll free number. We furnish unforgettable, easy to remember, Vanity Toll-Free Numbers, in many categories, to enhance your business We specialize in locating easy toll-free pure number combinations, such as: 800-226-0000, 800-532-3333 and hundreds more. You will control your own number and it will work in all of North America.

In addition, we have 800 numbers for all categories of business to use in your advertising for Law Firms, Roofing Companies, Real Estate, Accountants, Doctors, Chiropractors and much more.

Please check out individual categories where you will find numbers such as: 800-THE LAWYER, 800-835-ROOF, 800-676-HURT, 800-495-HELP, 855-NEW-SMILE, 855-USA-GOLD, 855-HELP-YOU, and Hundreds more. We’re making these powerful, easy to remember vanity toll free numbers available for your business to advertise with and increase your sales.

Please choose a category of interest on this page to see a list of available numbers. Studies show that 70% of the people will remember a phone number expressed as a VANITY WORD or VERY EASY NUMBER , verses only 30% that remember a straight number.

Make it EASY for your potential customers to REMEMBER and CALL your number…Isn’t having your number REMEMBERED and CALLED the point of your advertising in the first place?